Aircraft design is as complex or as simple as you want to make it. For example you can fly a simple paper dart, to the Space shuttle!

Our approach to design comes from a finding the sweet spot between scale appearance, low cost and fun factor.

Typically we work hard to create a design that is faithful to the original plane, yet is easy to build.  sometimes a difficult challenge.

by using foam sheet, it is easy to find all over the world, you can create a growing set of designs that are light and easy to repair.  

The difficulty with foam sheet is that it doesn’t sometimes suit complex shapes, and it isn’t that durable.



This is why we introduced 3d printing to the design recipe.  It enables difficult shapes to be made at the touch of a button, and to protect the delicate areas of the foam plane, such as the nose and air intakes.

Fully 3d printed planes are great but the technology is in its infancy for complete printed planes.  They still take work to assemble and finish, are heavy and quite brittle.  on top of that they are sensitive to sunlight and heat.

But used carefully in places where you have an advantage, it suits parkjet design very nicely.  At the time of writing you can purchase a 3d printer for around $160, that will be perfectly good enough for making 

Our ongoing mission is to increase in innovation, quality and number of Jet designs whilst offering the scratch builder convenient supporting services such as 2D CNC data, 3D Print files, Instruction guides, inspirational videos, Links to component parts and hopefully kits shipped worldwide.

The emphasis on quality design and 3D CAD/ CAM technologies helps to form our unique approach whilst our passion for flying and experience help make the the secret ingredient that we hope give you confidence in our work.