About us

Jetworks was born out of a friendship between Craig Clarkstone and Fernando Gamboa, regularly meeting at our local park whizzing around the skies with scratch built jets.

Craig runs Jetworks.online as a hobby in his spare time, as he has a full time job designing luxury powerboats.

Jetworks is all about the love of fast jet aircraft.  Part-time park sized pilots!  Its about the passion and joy of designing and flying easy to build, scale looking Radio Controlled ‘Jet’ like aircraft at our local parks and flying clubs.

We are big fan of Scratchbuilt Foam Planes!  We like to use extruded polystyrene sheet (XPS) foam sheet such as the depron brand as our primary building material, as it is lightweight, stiff and more importantly inexpensive.

  • Up to 5 x CHEAPER than  store bought planes.

You can build 5 XPS aircraft for the cost of one ‘ARTF’ (almost ready to fly) plane.  If you don’t want to repair a crashed plane, you can take all the electronics out and reuse them in a new plane for tiny costs.


If the worst happens and you crash your jet, simply cut away the damaged area, build a new one and glue it on.  Whether a new nose or part of a wing.  While in development, the YF-23 crashed over 25 times.

Compare that with the inconvenience and cost of repairing traditional Balsa built planes or replacing store purchased parts.


Because it is cheap and easy to repair, it means you will feel more comfortable flying faster, lower and more daringly than you would with with Balsa or expensive ARTF models.   Many people don’t even bother painting them as they live for daredevil flying!


ARTF owners don’t realise how satisfying it is to fly a plane they have built from scratch.  The great deal of enjoyment assembling all the pieces together and seeing it come to life.   And then painting it is exactly the scheme that is your favourite.  Some modellers paint so well that you can’t easily distinguish a photo of the model from a real plane.  The results are dependent on just how much effort you want to put in.


It can take a week for a mail-order ARTF to arrive in the post.  Some of the simpler Jetworks jets can be built in a weekend!


Although real life jets have quite ‘draggy’ airframes compared with say gliders,  foam parkjets fly remarkably well, even with flat sheet wings.  This is explained with aerodynamic theory.  According to ‘Reynolds numbers’, due to the small scale of the plane under 120cm wingspan, the  a flat sheet has similar performance to a symmetrical aerofoil.  Their lightweight construction makes them easier to land and hand launch.


3D printers are a superb addition for aeromodellers, and many of the trickier parts are now available to make it even easier, quicker and a more scale looking way to build a Jetworks Jet!


Whats your pleasure?  Many Jetworks designs are available for both EDF enthusiasts and pusher performance!

We hope that our efforts will help people of all ages to enjoy RC ‘Jet’ aircraft and keep the generations of home aircraft builders fuelled and ready for take off!

All Jetworks designs are original, created by  Craig ‘Clickety’ Clarkstone.