Learn to fly RC

Fancying a go at flying your very own Jet?

If you decide to go it alone and build/buy your own plane and fly it without experience, it is often the most painful and expensive way to learn, taking longer and crashing often.

When you learn how to fly RC airplanes, you need all the practice you can get. We strongly recommend that you consider buying an rc flight simulator, as they really are an invaluable aid to your learning.  There are some free ones on the internet, which may be helpful, but generally to get the most realistic experience, it is worth paying for a quality simulator.  We can highly recommend it www.phoenix-sim.com

I also recommend that you speak with accomplished RC pilots to offer help and possibly sharing a buddy link – a cable that connects two controllers, allowing your accomplished friend to help you get out of a fix.

You will also need a gentle and stable trainer aeroplane to train on along with a decent transmitter.   We are planning to design an easy build trainer in due course.