Test pilots are the heroes of aviation.  Chuck Yeager, Eric Brown, Geoffrey De-Havilland to name but a few,  If you fancy the thrill of test flying new designs, you could become a real Jetworks Hero.

If you are experienced at flight testing new designs and want to join our Test pilot programme then you stand to benefit in the following ways.

  • New Aircraft Plans and 3d print files  FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Designs will be available to you up to 6 weeks before general release.
  • Your name will be displayed in full Glory on the plans and promotional material as ‘Test Pilot’

Rules of becoming a Jetworks Test pilot.

  • Designs have to be built and flown within 5 weeks of design issue.
  • Any build issues should be reported back.
  • Any flight issues should be reported back using a template form (will be supplied)
  • Build photos to be uploaded regularly to the Facebook group.
  • HD video to be uploaded to youtube of the test flights.

If you are interesting in applying for the position of Jetworks Test Pilot, then email [email protected] with examples of previous test flights.