Flight School

If you would love to fly Radio Controlled model planes here is a great place to start!

You could join a local club and be paired with an instructor who will help you to fly safely and help you choose a good first aircraft. This is great advice for people who can afford to purchase new planes and purchase club membership!

However! There is another way – the way I learned – that is also fun and can save lots of money!

Jetworks ‘CADET’ – FREE Plans and Video guides

Build your trainer plane. Our very own Jetworks Cadet (Free plans) was specially designed for you. Stable, Steady flier that will grow with your skills. More importantly very cheap and simple to repair!

Join a community of flyers who can offer you free advice from experience – See our Jetworks Facebook Community – Find out if there are RC Fliers near you that might help you get airborne. RC fliers are often happy to help. It is also a good habit to not fly alone. In the unlikely event that you are injured while working on or flying your model, (or recovering it from a tree!) it’s best to have help available. 

Shop Smart! Check out our shopping guide to help you get your starting gear.

Learn The Rules and Guidelines to keep everyone safe. There are areas you can and can’t fly. New rules in 2020 means you need to register.