Craig ‘Clickety’ Clarkstone

Hi I’m Craig ‘Clickety’ Clarkstone,  and I’ve loved jets all my life!  Like many boys I wanted to be a fast jet pilot, starting by joining the Air Cadets, flying in Chipmunks with 303 detached flight.

However aged 14 having I reached 6’4″ tall and started to need glasses,  I became too tall for most fast jets in the UK, and perfect eyesight was essential to even be admitted to an initial interview.  So I made the tough choice to pursue my other passion – product design!

Having obtained a 1st Class degree in Industrial Product Design from Coventry University, Craig now has over 20 year design experience, has contributed directly to winning awards and currently designs luxury yachts in the UK.

combining my passion for fast jets with design experience.  I designed my first model Parkjet – the YF-23 Grey Ghost in 2012, from then on I’ve designed many more with the help of my good friends John, Fernando and Darryl.

As more and more people started building my designs, I decided to create this site to help share my work so that everyone can enjoy the experience of our hearts soaring high in the sky with our planes.

As much as I love to soar in the sky, at the age of 18 I had a powerful supernatural experience,  where I discovered the reality of God and I became a Christian.  It was the most significant point of my life (to date).  Now my soul soars too!  If you want to know more about this, I would love to share my experiences with you.  More importantly, you could explore God in your own life through  //