Dual prop (3s or 4s) setup

The dual prop setup is great for powering planes where the exhaust nacelles are not next to each other – such as the F-14 Tomcat, Su-57 or A-10. This is a great setup using 200 series racing quad motors.

Please note! Quad Speed Controllers aren’t designed for handling servos or retracts – you will need a separate SBEC/UBEC.

Motors (x2)
Cobra CM-2204 2300kv.

2 x 20a quad Speed Controllers – 3 – 4s.

External BECs are essential in electric models running quad ESCS. Supplying a constant 5.0V+ power to your receiver, UBEC’s help eliminate the chance that “power hungry” servos or retracts will draw the supplied voltage down below your receiver’s minimum shut-down point. 

3s 2200mah 35C battery or 4s 2500 35c Battery

5 x 4.5″ HQ props (pick two of opposite direction to eliminate torque effects.)