Foam Sheet

Jetworks Jets can be built from many different types of XPS (extruded polystyrene) sheet. Some are stiffer and some come in different sizes to the plans but with simple scaling to suit your preferred foam size, you can make your plane in different sizes! For example:-

5mm foam = scale down the plans and 3d prints 84%
9mm foam = scale up the plans and 3d prints 150%
12mm foam = scale up the plans and 3d prints 200%

(we do recommend skinning larger planes with a layer of polyurethane varnish and 0.6oz fibreglass cloth.)

Finding XPS sheets is quite easy. I recommend using Google / Ebay as a starting point.
Searchwords :-

‘6mm Insulation board’
‘XPS sheets’
‘Underfloor xps’
‘Graupner Vectorboard’ – expensive but crash-proof!!

So far we are trialling Diall Insulation board from UK Diy store B & Q.

6mm White depron is probably the best foam you can use, as it is quite stiff, but it is rumoured that production of white has discontinued. However we have seen excellent planes built from Grey Depron, which is lighter, but softer. For example Trond’s F-35 in Norway :-