RC Simulators

Not to be confused with a flight simulator where you sit in the cockpit of a plane – RC simulators are when you ‘virtually’ stand on the ground looking up at your plane in the sky.

Considered an essential nowadays, as the RC Simulator can help you to develop your reactions, muscle memory, help to fly towards yourself as well as away from yourself and reduce panicking out in the field. Even the most expensive simulator usually pays for itself within months!

Before you purchase a simulator – you will need a Radio Transmitter and adaptor cable (to plug your transmitter into your computer)

FREE Simulators

A free RC simulator is usually simple and not as realistic as the more expensive versions, but they are great for the newbie pilot.

Flight Model Simulator (FMS)

FMS is clearly the best free RC simulator available. You can download your FMS free RC simulator here.

There are many talented people out there than have come up with some spectacular models that you can download for absolutely free. Check out this page for tons of free downloads of FMS planes park flyers, to warbirds, and even jets!

Economy RC Flight Simulators

AccuRC RC Flight Simulator

This is an excellent flight simulator that is currently has a bias towards helicopters but has a great physics engine and a good, growing selection of planes. Visit the Website here : www.accuRC.com

Clearview RC Flight Simulator

Clearview is actually pretty nice simulator. You can download a trial version for free. 

Premium RC Flight simulators


Phoenix was one of my favourites, but was dropped by Horizon Hobby in favour of rival brand RealFlight. If you can find old copies of Phoenix RC simulator, I would recommend it.

Real Flight

An excellent flight simulator with a wide range of realistic planes, scenarios with training help and advice.
Visit the website here :-

Aerofly R8

Top Quality RC Flight simulator from Germany.
Visit the website here

Adaptor Cables

You will need to find a cable to connect your Transmitter to your PC. There are a variety of brands out there, but are generally inexpensive.

Type ‘rc flight simulator cable’ into google or Amazon.