Craig is passionate about jet aircraft and would love to build, fly, paint, tweak and film and photograph every single plane that he has designed.  Unfortunately – like most of us working in our spare time, he simply doesn’t have enough time to do everything – certainly as quick as everyone in the Jetworks community would like! 🙂

This creates a dilemma….Should Craig release only the designs that he has personally tested, or should he share untested plans with the RC community for those who have the ability to fly untested plans?

We think that untested designs – as long as they are labelled as such, should be published for any brave pilot who wants the joy of flying into the unknown.

Can YOU help?

If you love experimenting at the cutting edge of aircraft testing, and are a skilled RC pilot,  we would love to hear from you.

We need builders, testers and test pilots to help get all of Craigs designs airborne so he can concentrate on the plane YOU dream about!

Test pilots are the heroes of aviation.  Chuck Yeager, Eric Brown, Geoffrey De-Havilland to name but a few,  If you fancy the thrill of test flying new designs, you could become a real Jetworks Hero.

If you are experienced at flight testing new designs and want to join our Test pilot programme then you stand to benefit in the following ways.

  • New Aircraft Plans, 3d print files, Canopy posted to you  FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Free T-Shirt (each is totally unique)
  • Your name will be displayed in full Glory on the plans and promotional material as ‘Test Pilot’

Rules of becoming a Jetworks Test pilot.

  • Any build issues should be reported back.
  • Any flight issues should be reported back using a template form (will be supplied)
  • Build photos to be uploaded regularly to the Facebook group.
  • HD video to be uploaded to youtube of the test flights.

If you are interesting in applying for the position of Jetworks Test Pilot, then email Craig at :- Jetworks.online@gmail.com.