Su-34 Fullback Plans

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TEST PILOT : Barry Fleming

Designed for  twin 50’s or 64mm EDF,  Single or Twin Pusher

Grateful thanks to Barry Fleming for the first build and sharing the photos!




Build Guide

Su-34_Construction guide_2020-11-29

Power Options



su-34_General Arrangement_2020-11-28

Build log

1 review for Su-34 Fullback Plans

  1. Barry (ShadeyB) Fleming

    If i could rate her out of 10 it would be 15 🙂
    Stunning, Awesome, Beautiful model
    Lots of build options,. you got to build this if you love jets
    Once you decide which version you want the build is good, Assembly guide is well laid out and easy to follow
    I Built at 125% with twin 2205s Emax motors. maiden was Simple 🙂with overhead throw. AIW was 2438g including battery.
    once she was launched she took to the air with no trouble at all, stable and only trim needed was a little up on on elevator,
    estimated CG is pretty much bang on
    set up on Elevons no expo or Rates on her yet
    Flew superb with gorgeous scale look
    now to get the hang of her and thrash up the skys

    love flying her, usually we have maiden twitches but none was needed and as soon as she left the launch it felt like she was on rails


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