DH-108 Swallow Plans

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Test Pilot : Barry Fleming

This model has been designed to take a single 64mm EDF or pusher prop.




Build Guide

Swallow Construction guide_2020-08-08

Power Options



DH Swallow_GA_2020-08-09

Build log

1 review for DH-108 Swallow Plans

  1. Barry

    Jetworks Swallow πŸ™‚
    I had a spare 64mm FMS 4s unit.
    Decided to build the Swallow and so glad i did, i took the opportunity to build with Craig’s custom 3D printed parts which certainly speed up the build process as your not laminating, cutting, shaping and sanding formed parts.
    The construction was great, fast and trouble free with good build guide to follow. only tricky part was keeping the wing shape together and in line while gluing CF rods in place, i used low tack tape over the wing before removing the cut outs.
    The jigs provided in the plans certainly helped with alignment of the surfaces.

    Test flight πŸ™‚ initially i set her up nose heavy (with 2200mAh 4s) to be sure of flight and she flew while managing the elevator pitch.
    adjusted the CG with preferred 1600mAh 4s battery and reduced my Elevon travel to +/- 15mm
    this girl flew amazing, smooth on the turn, barrel roll and pitch. steep dives and leveling out close to ground no problem πŸ™‚ next is try inverted lol
    Great at low speed (no stall tendencies) and sweet at high speed.
    see for yourself
    Overall fantastic design, strong fuselage build for those bumpy landings (i have many), great looking Jet, fly’s superb, good build guide, nice to have 3D optional parts.

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