F-101 Voodoo plans

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F-101 Voodoo

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Test Pilot :  Tobias Gaus, Winner of the 2021 ‘Mother Russia’ competition

The Voodoo was designed to accept either :-

  • 64/70mm EDF
  • Single pusher.




Build Guide

Voodoo_Construction Guide_2021-04-24

Shopping list



Voodoo_GA 2021-04-24

Build log

1 review for F-101 Voodoo plans

  1. Tobias “Tigger” Gaus

    Thanks Craig for the drawing of the plans and the 3D files.
    The Voodoo was on my “build list” quite for a while đŸ˜‰

    Again the build is not so difficult. it needs quite some sanding…
    for the bulkheads I also decided to use poplar wood (like on my other Jetworks models)
    For the outlet and the inlet tube I went for the regular PLA to get ridgit ductings.
    All other 3D printed parts are printed with LW-PLA (to keep the weight low)
    I had to cut the inlet ring on my FMS 70mm EDF, as it´s seems now a part of the housing ;(

    On the first flight the controls have been way to big. (on the elevator)
    CG was spot on.
    next flight on a windy day, with reduced elevator throws

    EDF 70mm FMS (4s version)
    4s 3300mAh Lipo
    CG at 100mm from the leading edge
    elevator 8mm up/down (60%Expo)
    ailerons 14mm up/down (40%Expo)

    It is still very sensitive on pitch, due to the full flying elevator


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