F-4 Phantom plans

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F4 Phantom

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Test Pilot : Kostas Koutsionis

The Phantom was designed to accept either :-

  • Twin 50mm EDF’s,
  • Single 64 / 70mm EDF
  • Single pusher.

The 64mm and 70mm EDF versions require 3d printed bifurcated ducts.

The Twin 50mm EDF version can be built with or without 3d printed ducting.

Check out the Build Guide in the tabs above and don’t forget to watch Barry Flemings fantastic build video :-






Build Guide

Phantom Construction Guide _2021-04-01

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Phantom F4_GA_2022-11-22

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1 review for F-4 Phantom plans

  1. Kostantinos

    F-4 Phantom one of my favorites planes! this one was just awesome! easy to build her and extremely fan in the air! she flies super scale and you will definitely enjoy it! for my Set up i have used a single 70mm EDF with trust tube (3d printed) ESC is 70A and powered from a 2200mah 4s battery 60C and 3 servos 9g.
    My congrats to the awesome Designer and good friend Craig that make us happy to have one of our historic plane that all we are love! Sorry Gentlemen i’ve gotta go my afterburner is on……!!

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