F/a-18 Hornet Plans (Legacy)

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F-18 Hornet

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This model has been designed to take either :-
>  Single 64-70mm  EDF
> Single pusher prop.

Can be made with or without 3d printed parts.



Build Guide

Hornet Construction Guide_v2

Shopping list

Shopping list EDF

Shopping list Pusher



F18 Hornet_GA_2019-11-14

Build log

4 reviews for F/a-18 Hornet Plans (Legacy)

  1. Patrick Klauke

    The building process is straight forward and well described if you have a little bit of experience.
    Today I finished the build-stage including rough sanding.
    I went to our local field and tried a pre-maiden, because I would not invest further time (minwax, paint, decals) before I get results.

    It flew awesome. Straight out of the hand, no bad tendencies, the CG is correct -awesome !!!!!!!!.

    I used the standard setup (2200kv Motor, 40A ESC, 2200Ah 3S Lipo). Due to the wind I missed a gyro, but it is absolut NOT necessary.
    Maybe it was, because I build as light as possible, under 500g
    NOW i will do the paint job.


    Thank you for your work and enthusiasm and the „small“ fee, so I can try a model without ruin my treasury.
    Your models are outstanding, well I know only this one.
    Lets see what I try next…..

    Patrick Klauke

  2. Kostantinos

    Excellent plane and unique design! it flew great guys and you should try build this beauty! support Craig he deserve it!

  3. Barry Fleming

    Another awesome designed Jet from Craig
    F-18 Hornet
    VFA-122 Dessert Bogey Camo scheme
    AUW without battery 780g,
    all 3D parts used with LW-PLA and fantastic clear Canopy with crazy little pilot inside,
    6mm balsa leading edge strips on the wings only
    QX-Motor 70mm 6 blade EDF – 2300kV i think
    Beatles 50amp ESC – 60 would be better 🙂
    4x MG Tower pro MG servo’s (original)
    Flysky i6 receiver
    4s Zippy 2700mAh but can take larger with the space available
    86mph recorded on GPS in cockpit during flight 🙂
    Flying on 58mm CG very well with neutral flight controls
    13mm +/- on Aileron travel max and rolls like a drill
    24mm +/- on Elevator – add expo 🙂
    very stable aircraft and no requirement for Gyro
    fly’s fast and slow fantastic
    Flight video
    Build video
    Buy it, build it, fly it, love it

  4. Szymon Brzychcy

    It’s a great flyer. I built it using PLA instead of LW-PLA which made it a bit heavy but it still flies great.
    I used:
    -FMS EDF 64mm 3900kv for 3S (even though it is only 3S it was able to fly pretty fast but it wont break any speed records)
    -RTF weight is 915 grams (without lipo 740g)
    -ESC Hobbywing Skywalker 50A
    -Soaring Lipo 3S 2200mah with 30C

    I think this is awesome Aircraft that is easy to build and easy to fly.

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