F/a-18 Hornet Plans (Legacy)

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F-18 Hornet

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This model has been designed to take either :-
>  Single 64-70mm  EDF
> Single pusher prop.

Can be made with or without 3d printed parts.



Build Guide

Hornet Construction Guide_v2

Shopping list

Shopping list EDF

Shopping list Pusher



F18 Hornet_GA_2019-11-14

Build log

2 reviews for F/a-18 Hornet Plans (Legacy)

  1. Patrick Klauke

    The building process is straight forward and well described if you have a little bit of experience.
    Today I finished the build-stage including rough sanding.
    I went to our local field and tried a pre-maiden, because I would not invest further time (minwax, paint, decals) before I get results.

    It flew awesome. Straight out of the hand, no bad tendencies, the CG is correct -awesome !!!!!!!!.

    I used the standard setup (2200kv Motor, 40A ESC, 2200Ah 3S Lipo). Due to the wind I missed a gyro, but it is absolut NOT necessary.
    Maybe it was, because I build as light as possible, under 500g
    NOW i will do the paint job.


    Thank you for your work and enthusiasm and the „small“ fee, so I can try a model without ruin my treasury.
    Your models are outstanding, well I know only this one.
    Lets see what I try next…..

    Patrick Klauke

  2. Kostantinos

    Excellent plane and unique design! it flew great guys and you should try build this beauty! support Craig he deserve it!

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