F-104 Starfighter plans

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F-104 Starfighter

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Test build : Olaf Haack
Test Pilot : Florian Schulz

The Starfighter was designed to accept either a single 64-70mm EDF.

For more details on setup and how it flies see Olaf’s review!






Build Guide

Starfighter Construction guide_2017.10.23

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Build log

1 review for F-104 Starfighter plans

  1. Olaf Haack

    Here is a short review of my EDF-Starfighter build and flying experience with it:
    This parkjet is a must have for all F-104 enthusiasts. If you keep some objectives in mind, it will be a great flyer.
    In my opinion the all up weight is most important. Using the 3D printed parts for air intakes, nosecone and nozzle
    is highly recommended and helps a lot to get the right shape when sanding the fuselage. Another positive aspect
    is the perfect airflow of the inlet ducts that helps to get your EDF (if you use one) very effective. During build i decided to do 3 changes to the plans:
    – Tiptanks are fully made of depron and not tiled. Saves a lot of weight compared to 3d prints!!
    – Just one servo on each side of the wing, flap function is realized over flaperon function. No separate aileron servo!
    – Modified elevator / hor. stabilizer with fixed front part and control surface .
    To build up the aircraft by using the construction guide step by step is a simple job and no problems will occur. All parts will fit perfectly. I recommend to fit the wings and stabilizer section after sanding and shaping the fuselage.
    Remember to do the completely wiring, installation of the Rx and thrusttube before closing the upper fuselage.
    Try to keep the flying weight around 1.100g up to 1.200g when building the EDF-Version.
    Flying setup:
    The angle setting of the wing to horizontal stabilizer should be +1°degree.
    The Center of gravity matches perfect around 39-41 mm back from the wings leading edge at the fuselage.
    Ailerons are very responsive on inputs due to small wingspan. Throws around +/- 13 mm and 40% expo are
    recommended. Flaps have takeoff and land positions. Flap position more than 20° causes slightly nose down pitch and should be prevented by mixing some up elevator on it. For first flights another person as a handlauncher is a good idea to have both hands on the sticks during launch.
    Good luck for the maiden and have fun !!!

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