Su-27/30/33/35/37 Flanker Plan

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Test Pilot : Tobias Gaus

This is for PDF plans only.  Please note that this design is untested at present.

Both single and twin canopy variants

Designed for a either :-

Twin Quad pushers (5″)

Single parkjet pusher (6″)

50 & 64mm EDF

all with thrust vectoring options.



Build Guide

Su-27_Flanker Construction Guide_2020-11-19

Power Options



su-27_General Arrangement_2020-11-28

su-30_General Arrangement_2020-11-28

Build log

2 reviews for Su-27/30/33/35/37 Flanker Plan

  1. Barry (ShadeyB) Fleming

    Beautiful model
    Lots of build options
    Once you decide which version you want the build is good, Assembly guide is well laid out and easy to follow
    I Built at 125% with twin 2205s Emax motors. maiden was Simple 🙂 with overhead throw. at 125% AIW was 2157g including battery.
    once she was launched she looked fantastic, stable and only trim needed was down on elevator, estimated CG seems great
    set up on Elevons with H/M/L rates maiden was on low rates with 20% expo
    Flew very scale looks superb, time to hit high rates and see what she really can do
    will definitely build another version
    may need to look at motor prop combo to get more punch from her at 125%

  2. Kostantinos

    As always Craig is a great designer and this result is the unique Su-37! What a plane! Guys grab the opportunity to build her! She flies on rails excellent performance and awesome flyer! My set up is a single prop version with 2200kv 6045prop and 6servos 9g and 2200mah 3s battery (i took the chance to make canards too) those canards offers extremely stable flight characteristics. Guys build her today enjoy her for as long time as you can! Here is my video of maiden flight paint scheme will take place soon 🙂 this is really awesome guy’s the best ever plane that i have ever personally flew. Keep up the good work Craig Clarkstone you have our support

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