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Typhoon Canopy Vacuum forming tool .stl

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Please note THIS IS NOT A CLEAR CANOPY – it is a tool or ‘Buck’ to make a canopy.

Designed to sit flat on a vacuum forming bed.   Print with 3 Layer wall and 4% infill.

Cut a large hole in the base, and remove the infill matrix.

Fill completely with plaster of paris.  60g of water to 100g Plaster.   Most canopy tools take about 4-500g of plaster.  Allow several days to dry – left with the belly up.

Once set, sand the 3d printed surface smooth using finer and finer grades of Wet n Dry paper – use Automotive filler primer aerosol to help get a good surface.

Polish with a rubbing compound such as T-Cut, then buff with a cloth and water to get a polished finish.


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