Starting Shopping List

Here are a list of things you will need to start your RC Journey in order of priority :-

Radio gear: A six-channel programmable radio system that can expand as you grow in the hobby. If possible one based on the OpenTX operating system.

RC flight simulator: This is the best way to train your thumbs and gain hand-eye coordination before you go to the flying field.

Trainer plane – See the Jetworks Cadet.

Li-po Balance battery charger:

Backpack : Containing
> Li-po Batteries + Battery voltage checker
> Toolkit : Knife, Mini Screwdriver / allen key set, Needle nosed pliers,
> Repairs : Nylon reinforced tape, Battery powered hot melt glue, Foam safe contact adhesive, 5 minEpoxy.
> Spares : Prop,

Quality sunglasses : You’ll be spending plenty of time looking up at the sky – Sun in the eyes make you crash your plane!

Model stand: Minimizes dings and dents while you are working on your aircraft.

For all day sessions : Drinks / Snacks, Pop-up shade tent and folding picnic chairs: For creature comforts at the field.