Blackburn Buccaneer plans

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Blackburn Buccaneer

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TEST PILOT : Tim & Dominic Green

The Buccaneer was designed to accept either a twin 50-64 EDF’s or a single pusher. The 64mm installation should be very lightweight 3s.

Check out the Build Guide in the tabs above and don’t forget to watch Barry Flemings fantastic build video :-


Build Guide

Buccaneer construction guide_2017-12-17.compressed

Shopping list

Shopping list EDF

Shopping list Pusher




Buccaneer GA_2017-12-28

Build log

2 reviews for Blackburn Buccaneer plans

  1. Tim and Dominic Green

    This builds into an impressive model that flies like it’s on rails. I’ve done a fair bit of building, in balsa, but the great construction guide makes it nice and straightforward. There are plenty of build options detailed, we built the twin 50mm EDF version with working airbrake and fitted a bomb bay servo, but decided to see how the plane flew before finishing an opening bomb bay. We used a lot of 3D printed parts, but the excellent build guide allows many options so you can use Depron if you prefer.

    With a 1.3kg AUW, I was worried it may be too heavy and we built a dolly to assist with take-offs, but it hand-launched with ease and didn’t need *any* trimming.

    It’s not overpowered on 50mm fans, and you would definitely need good ones, but it looked good in the air and flies with a real scale presence (although it should be a lot closer to the deck than I could manage). The next flight we hope to test the airbrake and then we will refinish it properly.

    This was our first Jetworks design and I thoroughly recommend it!

  2. Barry Fleming

    Wow, this girl flys fantastic.
    The build was nice with both laminating and forming foam with additional 3mm ply supports
    Great step by step guide to work along making this plane a real scale beauty. I built this plane on request for a friend who worked o her in the 70’s but fear she’s mine now.

    Version built was the tail pusher with recommended set up, final weigh came in at 1lb 13oz or just over 900g. Unfortunately I didn’t add working doors by request and rather disappointed that I didn’t. The Buccaneer flys with scale presence in the air, great response with rolls and loops although she was not designed for this. She will deliver whatever you ask her to.
    Great power with the recommended set up. No pitch tendency when powered up. Flys true with no trim on maiden flight. Glides fantastic should you encounter issues. Handles wind very well and doesn’t seem to get pushed about too much.Great elevator authority with full tail set up.
    Fantastic belly lander
    Dream to fly and I will certainly be building the twin EDF version also with bomb doors.
    Hand launching is a dream.
    Fantastic plane for any Pilot skill level

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