Drake III Plans


Drake III Plans

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Drake III Test Pilot :  Craig ‘Clickety’ Clarkstone – Work in Progress

The Drake III is a fictitious fighter jet.  It is based on a floatplane hull, with rudder and thrust vectored propellor to steer it on snow,  grass and water.

Due to the vertical stabilisers mounted on the wingtips, along with the sponsons, it has some inertia when rolling, if you wish for a more snappy handling, consider putting a gyro on the roll axis.

I highly recommend using LW PLA for this plane, along with shaving weight off wherever possible,  as with all planing boats, weight creates the most significant impact on drag.

The plans available for download currently are only the 3D printed parts variant, both pusher and 64mm EDF version.   The 70mm EDF and non-3d printed parts variant will be created upon completion of testing.

This is for plans only.  Once purchased you will receive a download link to a zipped file.  the PDF files will be within it.

^ See the Build guide in the Tabs above ^

Build Guide

DRAKE III Construction Guide_2021-02-06

Power options

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Single Pusher (3s)






Download the General Arrangement drawing to see its sizes etc.

Drake IIIb_GA_EDF_2021-05-04

Drake IIIb_GA_pusher_2021-05-04

Build log

RC groups Build Log :-



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