Hawker SeaHawk Plans


Hawker Seahawk

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Mk.1 TEST PILOT – Olaf Haack
Mk.2 TEST PILOT – Tobias Gaus

If you are looking for the Balsa PSS Glider version – Click Here

These plans are for the mk.2  version after the Mk.1 version had thrust angle/CG issues.  Gratefully indebted to Olaf Haack for his sacrifice for the sake of the Jetworks Community, who lost his SeaHawk due to these issues.

This design current takes a 70mm EDF.  Tractor prop is on the to-do list.   Contact us if you would like this expedited.

Amazing build photos submitted by Olaf Haack and Ralph Arrow.



Build Guide

Seahawk Construction Guide_2019-11-30

Shopping list



Hawker SeaHawk GA_2023-04-01

Build log


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