BAe Hawk Plans

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BAe Hawk Plans

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Test Pilot :  Craig ‘Clickety’ Clarkstone

This is the MK.2 version of the awesome red arrows Hawk

Designed to be powered by an 55-64mm EDF or a single pusher motor.

This is for plans only.  Once purchased you will receive a download link to a zipped file.  the PDF files will be within it.

Included is the cheater grille designed by Barry Fleming.

^ See the Build guide in the Tabs above ^



Build Guide

Hawk v2_Construction guide_2017-08-12


Power options

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Single Pusher (3s)

50mm EDF (4s)

64mm EDF (3s)

64mm EDF (4s)



Download the General Arrangement drawing to see its sizes etc.


Build log

This build log is for the MK1 version.


4 reviews for BAe Hawk Plans

  1. George Baxevanis

    The best edf I have ever build and flown! Flies extremely well both slow and fast! So difficult to stall it!

    If you are new to edf, that’s the perfect to start. Also great for very fast and extreme flying!

    It can fly extremely well with only the tailerons and rudder! No need for ailerons!

    Finally a plane and a great design that does it all!!!!

  2. Barry Fleming

    This Hawk is a Fantastic flyer,
    This was my 1st tail pusher plane, very easy build and quick to put together on less than 1 large sheet of Grey Depron.
    As I usually fly solo and under hand launch my planes, tail pusher was new to me and found some torque on launching, crashed her twice launching and repaired (few cracks due to grey depron not as strong)
    Once I figured out THROW it and throttle up the torque roll was quickly cancelled out 👍
    The Hawk took very little trimming out when she was up there.
    The speed from the Hawk was fantastic for her size and very stable.
    At low speeds She flies great and at low level she looks amazing.
    Recommended motor pitch and throws works great, very responsive flying characteristics.

    Fantastic plane, design and looks amazing in the air.
    Will be building another with. More visible paint job for orientation purposes

  3. Valerijus

    That was my third build model from
    This model is very simple to build, I decided to install EDF unit FMS 64mm 3S and the power is more than enough.
    Should mention: this plane needs quick kick on a hand launching, so better choice use a bouncy launcher.
    As it gets to the air it looks very authentic model, painting in red colour is way more noticeable than other models.
    Really recommend to build this one!

  4. David Fearon

    My first model build for 45 years and it was pretty easy following the build instructions and surprising how well carving and sanding the curves came together. Also my first ever jet and went for the Hawk as it has a more conventional configuration than a faster jet so I thought it might be easier to fly for a jet-newby.

    I built the Hawk as a pusher version with the suggested 2212 2200kV motor and finished as a Red Arrow. The motor came with a 6035 prop that was lacking in speed and vertical performance (it flopped off the top of small loops as it just had no energy) so I upgraded to a balanced 6040 per Craigs suggestion, that was a big improvement, and then to a balanced 6055 (purchased at the same time as the 6040 ‘just in case’) and it flies like a dream on this and is very aerobatic with Red Arrow big loop capability. So far the motor doesn’t seem to have suffered with the bigger pitch but flight time is reduced to about 6mins to around 30% battery (3S 2200mah) on the 6055 from 7 1/2 mins on the 6035 but it’s worth it for the fun.

    I set this up with a Radiolink Byme-A stabiliser that makes the hand launches very easy and super stable – it just flies off straight and level at shoulder height and the Byme takes care of the torque and launch jitters whilst it accelerates.. I turn it off for most of the flying. 12 flights and no mishaps.

    I made the ailerons a bit shorter than the plan as I normally find I have to dial them down a lot with bought models. With this Hawk the throws are just right and I think would have been with the plan design.

    One experiment I did was to tape shaped camber panels made from 3mm Depron onto the upper wings to see if it made any difference to the flight characteristics over having a flat wing section. I couldn’t tell any difference so have removed them and another flier said he thought it somehow looked to fly better without.

    This Red Arrow looks great in the air and flies like it’s on rails both fast and slow. My fellow fliers have been impressed.

    It’s a super model and much better than I ever imagined before I started the build.

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