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Jaguar Plans

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Photos and build courtesy of Rod Nordsvan / Fernando Gamboa

Currently for up to 64mm EDF or a single pusher motor.

Test pilot – Rod Nordsvan / Fernando Gamboa


Build Guide

jaguar beta construction guide_2016-11-27

Power options

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Single Pusher (3s)

50mm EDF (4s)

64mm EDF (3s)

64mm EDF (4s)




Jaguar_SEPECAT ga

Build log


2 reviews for Sepecat Jaguar plans

  1. Rod Nordsvan

    After a little trial and error I have the Jaguar flying nicely, although I did discover it does not like inverted flight for any sustained period.My final set up is as follows:CG is 205mm forward of the trailing edge of the wing at the root. This is close to the leading edge of the wing but trust me this position gave the most stable flight with no wing rock.Throws for the ailerons are up & down 7mm, the elevators up & down 10mm (at the root).My motor is a: Turnigy L2210-1650 Bell Style Motor (250w), Hobbyking 50A ESC, Hobbyking 939MG servos & a 7 x 6 prop. Battery 2200mah 3S 35C.Mine is coming in at 810g painted and with 3D printed fuel tanks.It does not float like the F-15 on landing and tends to drop on the ground when speed is still a little high, nothing nasty though and quite predictable.WINNER!!!!!

  2. barry

    Fantastic little park flyer

    seen a few builds and thought lets do it.
    Pusher version Build
    AUW 555g ahahaha amazingly light without battery including pain and crazy little pilot 🙂
    3 or 4s 2200mAh battery around 200g took it to an amazing 700g
    powered by
    Emax 2205rs 2600kV Quad motor
    40 amp TGY ESC
    3x TowerPro MG90D servos
    6×4 pusher prop 5×5 would be suitable
    Ailerons 14mm +/- Max WAAAYYY too much haha proved to have huge effect when hand launching
    Elevator 22mm +/- Max again not necessary
    this was my High Rates set up and toned down during flight
    CG is pretty much on the money
    Great fun Flyer and slow flyer however be careful if power is off 😉
    plenty vertical fun and still to try inverted haha

    Buy it, Build it, Fly it, Love it and fly some more


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