F-22 Raptor plans

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F-22 Raptor

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Test Pilot :  Fernando ‘Crazy Coot’ Gamboa.

The Raptor was designed to accept either a single 64-70mm EDF or a single pusher. 




Build Guide

FA-22-Raptor construction guide_2018-04-08

Shopping list

Shopping list EDF

Shopping list Pusher



Raptor General Arrangement_2018-04-09

Build log


1 review for F-22 Raptor plans

  1. Barry (ShadeyB) Fleming

    Fantastic design once again and super flyer
    Built using all 3D parts available 🙂
    the build guide is great and faultless following step by step however there is a video available also
    set up on 64mm FMS 4s flew great !!
    very stable flyer and great at slow speeds also, perfect parkflyer
    86mm CG is great but i have it on 90mm from LE and trying to push back slightly more.
    All up weight with 3D printed parts, balsa leading and trailing edges, custom paint job, varnish, pilot and canopy came in at 768g which is great but could be built lighter if you wish.
    Aileron travel at root 17mm +/-
    she rolls great on less as i flew with 12mm in D/R set up middle position on switch
    Elevator travel at root 22mm +/-
    great authority with elevator and as above flown with D/R in flight with less than the 22 and still had good authority in pitch

    No bad tendencies in pitch or roll as yet but hey im sure i’ll hit a tree or two yet
    maiden flight here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HbB3xTyM0I
    great model again by Craig
    thank you
    build it, love it and fly it like its on fire 🙂
    Thrust vectoring still to be played with and looking forward to it. she rolls great

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