LightWeight PLA filament for 3d Printers


Out of all the printing filaments on the market, Lightweight PLA is an excellent match for the Jetworks Fleet. Boasting a 40% weight reduction, it is perfect for the parkjet scale of aircraft.

Jetworks designs have all been created with standard PLA 3D parts in mind. By reducing weight, they will take off easier, handle better and be harder to stall.

As LW-PLA foams in the extruder of your 3d printer, it requires much less filament. even though the purchase cost is higher, you get double the amount of 3d prints which makes it more competitive.

LW-PLA is not as strong as ordinary PLA, but most Jetworks 3d parts are mainly non structural, relaying on the foam and carbon construction, so it is a good match!

Check out the link to the ColourFabb manufacturers site here.
Check out the link to the E-sun PLA LW Manufacturers site here.

Please note : Jetworks is not affiliated with these manufacturers.


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