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Test Pilot :  Craig ‘Clickety’ Clarkstone

This is the MK.2 version of the awesome F-35 Lightning II.

Designed to be powered by an EDF (64-70mm) or a single pusher motor.

^ See the Build guide in the Tabs above ^

Chris Shaw in South Africa :-

“This is my F-35 that was finally maidened last weekend. It’s powered by A CS10 70mm fan, 2900kv motor and uses a 4s 2650mAh lipo.
AUW came in at 1kg and it hand-launched easily, even at our 5000 ft elevation.”




Build Guide

f-35 construction guide_v2_2016

Power options

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Single Pusher (3s)

64mm EDF (3s)

64mm EDF (4s)

70mm EDF (4s)







Download the General Arrangement drawing to see its sizes etc.

f-35 GA_v2_2016

Build log

This build log is for the MK1 version.



1 review for F-35 Lightning II Plans

  1. Barry Fleming

    Amazing flyer !!!
    Great build guide and very quick to put together also.
    Build video available – https://youtu.be/gOitQKWNVU0
    Built with the use of the available 3D printed parts including crazy pilot and a fantastic clear canopy from Jetworks.
    weight – 713g
    with 4s 2200mAh battery – 946g
    4s FMS64mm / https://www.4-max.co.uk/edf-fms-64mm-4S.html
    40 amp Predator ESC
    4x9g mg servos – can run on 2 with Taileron configuration.
    Aileron travel – 15mm +/- Maximum (my choice but i would suggest have it set on DR switch)
    Elevator Travel – 25mm +/- again as above my choice but 20mm should be more than enough
    4s battery choice 2200mAh 60c
    suggested CG is fantastic at 37mm
    Great fun flyer and quickly becoming a go to favourite for 1st flight at the field to get into the swing of things before anything else more nerving 🙂 stall speed is very low as i have been testing haha. Amazingly stable platform for that fun easy fly.
    Maiden available here with a walkaround of the F-35 before being launched from the Bungee https://youtu.be/wvix4Pn602c
    One of the 1st Epic design’s from Craig and dam this one holds it up there

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