YF-23 Black Widow Plans


YF-23 Plans

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Test Pilot :  Craig ‘Clickety’ Clarkstone

This is the MK.2 version of the awesome YF-23 Black widow / Grey Ghost.

Designed to be powered by either 2 x  50-55mm EDF  or a single pusher motor.

I recommend that you fit a gyro/flight stabiliser on the roll axis as it is quite a sensitive design.  Apparently the real one was too!

CG is ok where it is, but it is more stable 5mm forward of its position.




Build Guide

YF-23-MK5_Construction guide_2014-01-26

Power options

These links will open in a new tab :-

50mm EDF (4s) setup  (twin)

Single Pusher setup




Download the Assembly drawing to see its sizes etc.

YF-23_MK5_Assembly Drawing_2014-01-05

Build log





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