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E.E. Lightning

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Test Pilot : Gary Flint

Please note that 3D printed parts have been added to the design since Gary’s maiden flight to reinforce the elevators and cheaters to increase airflow & nosecone ‘bullet’ size reduction.

I also recommend adding a 1x6mm flat carbon spar to the vertical stabiliser to increase stability at high speed.

The ailerons are very effective, keep expo at 40% and throws small.

E.E. Lightning – Designed for 64-70mm EDF or Pusher prop.  

Comes with set of free 3d printed part files, such as missiles and cockpit to compliment the 3D parts already available – kindly created and donated by Frank Born.

Also comes with free 3d printed thrust tube – kindly created and donated by Barry Fleming




Build Guide

ee lightning construction guide-beta v1

Power options

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Single Pusher (3s)

64mm EDF (3s)

64mm EDF (4s)

70mm EDF (4s)






EE_Lightning_General arrangement mk2

Build log


1 review for English Electric Lightning Plans

  1. Gary Flint

    I’ve been looking around for many years for a r/c Lightning without success, then I stumbled on Craig’s JetWorks web page and there it was.
    The plans and the build guide are very comprehensive and with the online videos the build went smoothly.
    The 3d printed canopy and nose fitted exactly and saved many hours of work, so I would recommend printing these.
    One thing when building this model is to try and keep the weight down. Use a sharp knife to keep the cuts neat so minimal glue and filler is needed and this will help.
    Power to weight was an issue at first with the nose cone reducing air intake. Craig redesigned this and the EDF nose worked much better although on launch it skimmed across the ground until it gained airspeed. Mine weighed in with an AUW of 1450g with the new nose which I’m sure could be made a little lighter.
    So all in all a great project and a lovely looking aircraft when finished.

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