A-10 Thunderbolt II Plans

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A-10 Plans

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Test Pilot :  Craig ‘Clickety’ Clarkstone

The Mighty A-10 Thunderbolt II – ‘Warthog’

Designed to be powered by either :-

Single pusher motor
Twin Pusher motor
Twin EDF units.

Can be built with or without 3D printed parts

This is for plans only.  Once purchased you will receive a download link to a zipped file.  the PDF files will be within it.

^ See the Build guide in the Tabs above ^

Please note that due to the thrust angle of the nacelle mounted pusher props / EDF units, if you are hand launching, bring the throttle up to speed gently.






Build Guide

A-10_construction guide_v2.2_2020-11-30

Power options

NOTE : These links will open in another tab.

Single Pusher (3s)

Twin Pusher (3-4s)

50mm EDF (4s) (dual)





Download the General Arrangement drawing to see its sizes etc.
a-10 v2 General Arrangement_2019-03-16

Build log

RC groups Build Log :-




1 review for A-10 Thunderbolt II Plans

  1. Barry (ShadeyB) Fleming

    Awesome Jet, scale looks and finish with 3D printed parts (PLA) are fantastic although you don’t need 3D parts.
    Canopy from Jetworks is a must 🙂 with some crazy pilot inside to take the blame
    After i made daft mistake while building the 1st one (Arctic Camo) i decided to redo the fuselage and use the original wing and elevator i had built.
    chucked her in the air and she was great, absolutely love flying her.
    very easy build following the plans.
    this was single pusher version ,
    AIW with flight battery 1143g (could be lighter without 3d Printed parts or use LW PLA)
    Emax quad motor 2205s – 2600kv
    1.4 – 22 mAh battery 3 or 4 s – balanced out on stated CG great
    5×5 or 6×4 prop the maiden was 6×4 but she doesn’t need all that thrust
    3x9gMG servo
    40 amp ESC Predator ( i had one lying about )
    21mm travel ailerons
    18mm travel on elevator
    no expo as I DONT LIKE IT
    loved the build and love flying this one even more
    will probably build another A-10 as a twin motor set up, i need too

    Maiden flight – https://youtu.be/RIKYY-53VM4

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