Mig 29 Fulcrum

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TEST PILOT : Trivajuve 

The Mig 29 was designed to accept  either a single pusher or twin 50-55mm EDF.

Please note that even though this Mig-29 flies ok as it is, the wing has some anhedral on it like the real plane.  The EDF version behaves with neutral handling.   The pusher variant has a higher CG and is not as stable in the roll axis,  so depending on your ability you may want to add either some weight added to the belly or a flight stabiliser to give a more neutral handling characteristic.




Build Guide

mig 29 Construction Guide v3

OVT Stencils – Donated by Twisted Wings (Big Thanks!)

Power options

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Single Pusher (3s)

50mm EDF (4s)






Build log


2 reviews for Mig 29 Fulcrum

  1. Barry

    WOW…. !
    What an amazing Parkjet, construction guide very easy to follow and she went together in a day or so allowing glue to cure.
    Fantastic plan designed by Craig, my intention was to whack twin EDF’s in her however not paying attention she is designed to take 50mm and not the 64mm i thought i would put in her 🙂 ohhh the excitement (i did size her up thinking i could squeeze them in …. lol no chance)
    Had a quick chat with Craig about my situation, took advise and the decision was made for me, pusher it is.
    Sooooo glad i did, slight concern was the Anhedral fuselage/wing design which take’s into account holding 2 EDF’s in her belly for a neutral flight,
    pushed on with the build and when the $$ matters…..Anhedral.. ?? that didnt matter ! As soon as she was in the air.. the thought never even crossed my mind.
    she tracked straight as an arrow right out the hand, couple clicks on the elevator and she was flying on rails.
    While rolling she seemed nice and straight (removes the Anhedral/ Neutral flight concern)
    Loops . haha no problem
    she will High alpha but i need some more practice to get the feel for her before i go there.
    Very responsive on the elevator with massive authority on little throws
    Ailerons same as above, suggest small throws or mix in some DR/Expo
    this girl will spin, turn and go wherever you point her
    emax 2205s Quad motor 2600kv
    6×4 APC prop (will try others)
    Maiden & 2 other flight’s on 3s 2200mAh gave her a good 5 mins each fantastic fun

    Same motor and Prop set up as above
    2 flights on 4s 1300mAh Dam shes fast

    Fantastic pusher Jet
    cant wait to try out twin EDF

  2. Luke Kobeski

    The MIG-29 is great in the air, easy to build, and looks gorgeous. The only thing I would say is be very careful on your EDF-battery combo. When I first flew it on two 50mm EDF’s powered by one 4s 3200mah battery, it was nowhere near enough power. The second attempt I tried TWO 2200 4S 100C batteries and that works great, but it’s really tight on space and is a little nose heavy, and the flight time is only about 1:30 and I can’t really figure out why. Other than that, this thing is a beast and will fly right out of your hands on takeoff.

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