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Test Pilot : Barry Fleming

Designed for either twin 64mm EDF,  Twin or Single Pusher.

Included in the package is Ian Amstrong’s modification to make a removable tail section to help with transporting in the car.




Build Guide

Victor_Construction Guide-2021-07-08

Power Options

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Single Pusher (3s) – Used as a dual pusher setup

64mm EDF (4s)






Build log

1 review for Victor plans

  1. Barry Fleming

    Pilots …… WOW
    What a superb Design by Craig, outdone himself here, what a talent 🙂

    Build – From the onset i thought this one would be a challenge as it looked very complex and read the guide a couple times before i started however when following the Build guide was pretty simple and clear, take your time step by step and you will have an amazing model.
    Power – i went with the suggested twin 64 (FMS units) and installed twin predator 40amp ESC’s, when build was complete i tried hand held thrust test and she was just over 1-1 so knew she had the oomph to fly,
    3D parts- – i used all the available parts and printed in LW-PLA with astounding results in weight. all were printed thin wall with no Infill with the exception of the intake which was 2 walls, the fuel tanks 2wall and again no infill. the Elevator mount was 2 walls with 5% infill for support as its an integral part of flight surfaces.
    Controls – Maiden flight they were set around 20mm travel at root, but very little movement required so i will reduce the throws throws Dual Rates
    CG – Pretty much spot on, maiden flight had one or 2 click up elevator to keep the nose there, no bad tendencies or scary events. this could be played around with to suit your style but if ui never change it i will be more than happy
    Battery – balanced with 2x2700mAh in the bay but plenty space for more

    Maiden flight was FANTASTIC ( video below) it is always nerving with 1st flights but as you will see she was superb, going back to the power of the twin 64’s once she was up there throttle was cut back to 1/3 for flight and can fly on 1/4 but be careful in the corners LOL

    Amazing Jet, amazing build, amazing flight, 11 stars out of 5

    Buy it, build it, fly it, love it and fly some more 🙂 amazing presence in the air
    you wont be disappointed

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