Gloster Meteor Mk4 & Mk8 Plans

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Gloster Meteor

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TEST PILOT : Tobias Gaus

The Gloster Meteor was the first Jet allied production aircraft, powered by jet engines straight from the hand of the Jet turbine inventor -Sir Frank Whittle.

This model has been designed to take up to 2 x 64mm EDF, or twin pushers.
For the pusher version, I recommend racing quad motors and 5″ props
For the EDF version, I recommend FMS 64″ using either 3 or 4 cell.

I designed it for both the f4 and f8 version as they had the longer (wider) jet exhaust which makes it more suitable for EDF. It has a 90% thrust tube built in.

Many nations around the world used meteors and there are some fabulous colour schemes available.




Build Guide

Meteor construction guide_3mb_2018-10-21

Shopping list

Shopping list EDF

Shopping list Pusher



gloster-meteor_General arrangement_2018-10-21

Build log


1 review for Gloster Meteor Mk4 & Mk8 Plans

  1. Tobias “Tigger” Gaus

    This time I have build and tested the Gloster Meteor as a Mk8 version.
    The build was a quite easy build as I also used almost all the 3D printed parts, which are availble on the website.
    The Meteor needs some sanding but than it meets the lines of the original Meteor.
    First flight was not so succesful as my LiPo broke down after a few seconds.
    The next flights went well and the Meteor performs really nice.
    Weight: 1790g ( with Lipo but not finished painting)
    2 times the FMS 64mm EDF as a 3S version (3900KV motors)
    ESCs Hobbywing 50A
    Lipo: 3S5800mAh
    CG: I went for the most forward CG drawn on the GA sheet. And for me this seems to be spot on.
    control throws: Aileron 30mm up and down (45% Expo)
    Elevator 15mm up and down (45%Expo)
    Rudder 30mm left and right (45% Expo)

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