DH-100 Vampire Plans



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Test Pilot : Tobias Gaus.   

you can make the Mk1 and  higher Mk’s from the plan (single seater variants only)

CG is 5mm to the rearwards of the drawn position.

Please note that the first published design with 3D printed thrust tube (v1) needed tweaking to get the thrust angle correct.  The revised v3 design is spot on (available on this website).  The Depron thrust tube design is currently the same as the v1 thrust tube – it hasn’t been adjusted quite yet – if you want to make an all-depron vampire – please let me know and I’ll update the plans to accommodate the v3 thrust tube design in depron.

aileron 12mm up and down.  35% Expo
Elevator 10mm up and down 35% Expo

This model has been designed to take either :-
>  Single 64mm  EDF
> Single pusher prop.

Can be made with or without 3d printed parts.



Build Guide

Vampire Construction Guide_19-07-2020

Power Options



DH Vampire_GA

Build log


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