EM-10 Bielik Plans

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EM-10 Bielik

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Test Pilot : Tobias Gaus

Please read the review of Tobias for setup – the CG in the published plans has not been updated yet.

EM-10 Bielik – a prototype trainer jet for the Polish air force. Can be made for either 60-70mm EDF or Pusher.




Build Guide

em-10 Bielik construction guide_2018-08-15.compressed

Shopping list

Shopping list EDF

Shopping list Pusher



Bielik_General Arrangement_2018-08-15

Build log


2 reviews for EM-10 Bielik Plans

  1. Tobias Gaus

    Final setup for the Bielik. CG shifted 43mm to be the back to the drawn CG 😱
    Recommended setup: FMS or FW 70mm EDF with 4 cells. I‘m flying mine with the FMS 70mm 6S EDF on 5S.
    Elevator still needs some 3-5mm up trim for neutral flight. Thows : elevator +/- 18mm aileron +/-13mm 50% Expo on all controls.
    I also added some NACA inlets on the upper side to get more air for the EDF. The original F-16 style inlet is to small and the Cheater in the plans sucks a lot of grass at landing.
    I use a bungee to get it in the air.
    Nice Flyer

  2. Peter Jozefacki Poland

    Hi. First, Sorry for my English. I decided to build a depron Bielik because it is one of the few Polish Jet prototypes created but never produced because of dirty political games. However with such a beautiful shape I wanted to build this as a platform for my own fully 3D printed design. This was also my first foamie!. I received the files from Craig and spent maybe 5-6 hours to assemble. I used 70mm edf and 6s lipo. This Bielik is fantastic. Flies very well and fast. Mine needed to be bungee lounched as hand lounch was difficult with this setup for me. … It was a very satisfying maiden flight. Thanks to the Jetworks Bielik I decided to design and build a fully 3d printed, bigger version! So I’m cooperating with my friend, who is a cad design specialist and after few months we printed two prototypes for testing our ideas. Thanks to Craig for inspiration. We will make flying planes and video of the maiden flight.

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