EM-10 Bielik Plans

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EM-10 Bielik



Test Pilot : Tobias Gaus

EM-10 Bielik – a prototype trainer jet for the Polish air force. Can be made for either 60-70mm EDF or Pusher.




Build Guide

em-10 Bielik construction guide_2018-08-15.compressed

Shopping list

Shopping list EDF

Shopping list Pusher



Bielik_General Arrangement_2018-08-15

Build log


1 review for EM-10 Bielik Plans

  1. Tobias Gaus

    Final setup for the Bielik. CG shifted 43mm to be the back to the drawn CG 😱
    Recommended setup: FMS or FW 70mm EDF with 4 cells. I‘m flying mine with the FMS 70mm 6S EDF on 5S.
    Elevator still needs some 3-5mm up trim for neutral flight. Thows : elevator +/- 18mm aileron +/-13mm 50% Expo on all controls.
    I also added some NACA inlets on the upper side to get more air for the EDF. The original F-16 style inlet is to small and the Cheater in the plans sucks a lot of grass at landing.
    I use a bungee to get it in the air.
    Nice Flyer

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