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Test Pilots : Rob Mac & Leigh Windridge.

Designed to be powered by up to twin 70mm EDF

This is for plans only.  Once purchased you will receive a download link to a zipped file.  the PDF files will be within it.




Build Guide

Vulcan Build Guide

Power options

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64mm EDF (3s)

64mm EDF (4s)

70mm EDF (4s)


(This version above was enlarged and had a few modifications such as detachable wings, 3d printed parts etc)



Download the General Arrangement drawing to see its sizes etc.

Avro_Vulcan 1400_GA



Build log

RC groups Build Log :-




2 reviews for Avro Vulcan Plans

  1. Leigh Windridge

    I took the Jetworks plans and applied a little of my own magic to them and I must admit this is one gorgeous plane to build and fly.
    Mine was built larger with a few tweaks and removable wing tips for transportation but the build style is essentially the same and the base plans are spot on.
    I’d put this at an intermediate build with hints of advanced pieces but as long as you take your time and keep referring back to the comprehensive build instructions you’ll have no trouble at all.

    Once you get over how fantastic the Vulcan looks when it’s ready and go for the maiden flight you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how stable and docile it is to fly. It really floats along nicely but has that lovely responsiveness that the full size Vulcan was renown for. The CG balance point I found to be ideal at the point marked on the plans but the design is very forgiving due to the stability inherent in the delta design.

    Should you build a Vulcan? Yes, absolutely! You won’t be disappointed!

  2. Barry

    Iconic Vulcan
    I just had to build this girl, such beautiful curves and just looks stunning,
    The intention was to build as per Craig’s design with twin 70mm ……..
    I thought how about a pusher version?? Longer flight time would be great compared to EDF’s
    I built her as per the plan which is easy to follow and very clear instructions but without the landing gear. I did add navigation lights as the winter nights are drawing in and would be a nice little touch. Also added rudder to the tail, not that the jet would need this but intention on adding FPV gear would be nice for scale slow turns.
    I took the opportunity to add the 3D printed parts which helped speed up the build a little, they and fit and look fantastic
    Once you have centre section together the rest just falls into place very fast and before you know it she’s built
    Power train set up on tail pod, I thought I had thrust line level however after maiden flight I found it to be negative direction pushing nose down while applying throttle, I have since added a 3mm ply shim to the base of engine mount and hope to have remedied the thrust angle.
    sunnysky 2212/150kv motor
    30 amp ESC
    2x13g MG servo ailerons
    1×9 g MG servo rudder
    2×9 g mg servo Bomb bay
    9×7 apc prop
    2700mAh 4s battery
    CG on the plan is pretty much bang on, with the size of the air frame she is forgiving.
    Glides absolutely beautiful thus requiring less power in the air to keep her moving.
    = longer flight time
    Amazing Jet so much I might build the twin EDF also and look for Vulcan howl sound module 🤪

    If it’s got bomb bay doors I’m building it, can’t wait to fill it up and hit some targets

    Definitely a must build, my new favourite favourite, most likely going to fit FPV gear on this girl and fly her slow and scale

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