J-35 Draken Plans

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J-35 Draken

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Test Pilot : Luke Attubato

This model has been designed to take either :-
>  Single 64-70mm  EDF
> Single pusher prop.

Can be made with or without 3d printed parts.



Build Guide

Draken_Construction guilde_13.05.2020

Power Options



Draken_General Arrangement_2022-12-22

Build log

1 review for J-35 Draken Plans

  1. Luke Attubato

    The Jetworks Draken flies absolutely amazing, Craig built the one that I flew and it required no trim at all. It performs perfect axial rolls and has very precise controls. I only had a few oportunities to really open it up, but it seemed to fly quite fast on a standard 2200kv motor, and had enough power for unlimited vertical climbs, it could even do a bit of high alpha flight!

    Landings are a complete non issue with the large control throws, it can be slowed down to a fast walking pace and then flaired into a cobra-like manoeuver to touch down at near-zero speed.

    I can’t recomend the Draken more, and I will be building one myself as soon as I get the time!

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