Su-57 Plans

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Su-57 Plans

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TEST PILOT : Barry Fleming/Tobias Gaus

The Su-57 Felon  Currently either twin 50-64 EDF  or single or twin pusher motor propeller.

SETUP :-   CG at 45mm measured at Kink of the wing leading edge; movements rudder: 23mm in each direction, Tailerons: 30mm up and down, roll 22mm up/down; Ailerons 8mm up and down; Expo 35% on roll and pitch, 50% on rudder

Check out the Build Guide in the tabs above, and don’t forget to watch Christopher Beckwith’s fantastic build video :-

This is for plans only.  Once purchased you will receive a download link to a zipped file.  the PDF files will be within it.


Build Guide

Su-57_MK2-non3dprint_Construction Guide

Su-57_MK2_Construction Guide_2020-07-12

Power options

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Single Pusher (3s)

Twin 50mm EDF (4s)

Twin 64mm EDF (3s)






Build log

Build Log


1 review for Su-57 Plans

  1. Tobias “Tigger” Gaus

    Time to write a review 😉
    Once again Craig did a great job with the plans and the files for the SU-57 Felon.
    I have build the Felon also for the “Russian Jet competition”.
    The build itself was straight forward. The first steps needs some time as there is already some sanding needed, but the rest gets together really quick.
    Flying characteristics:
    And like Barry I also had some troubles to find the correct CG. (part of beeing one of the firsts 😉 ). This was solved ….. Than it showed some instability during staight and level flight. I have solved this issue by enlarging the rudders. (updated in the plans)
    Now the Felon is capable of flying a wide range: From “normal” Jet flying to “crazy” maneuvers (close loops; Cobras, flatspins….)


    My setup:
    2xFMS EDF64mm (3S version)
    Lipo 3S 5800mAh
    weight 1,42 kg (unpainted)


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