T-33 Shooting star Plans

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T-33 Shooting Star



Test Pilot :  Kostas Koutsionis

Designed for  64mm / 70mm EDF and single pusher

Can be built with our without 3D printed parts.




Build Guide

Shooting star_build guide_2022-06-11

Power Options

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Single Pusher (3s)

64mm EDF (3s)

64mm EDF (4s)



Shooting Star_GA_2022-06-11

Build log

2 reviews for T-33 Shooting star Plans

  1. Kostantinos

    Amazing plane to fly guy’s! You won’t see this plane somewhere to buy from so! Jetworks is the way!!

    The building process goes perfectly without any inconvenience the only thing is that it requires some more sanding and filling than usual but the building instructions are very clear and clearly describe so you can follow each step of the way;) I cut all the parts manually from the plates. I tried to glue it all with UHU POR! really enjoyed the building. The advantage is that you have an awesome jet laying around very shortly especially if you have and 3d print part’s! construction doesn’t take so much time at all. I used 2 depron plates (1.20*80) and one smaller part of 3mm Depron for covering the wing’s! By the way the airfoil that Craig created for this one creates all the necessary lift for this awesome jet 😉

    I was worried about the maiden flight and you can see it at the video!! . The low main wing doesn’t gives you a chance to catch it under wing and throw as usually. I had to throw the plane by holding the bottom of the belly dehind the end of the wing! And according the COG calculations done by Craig she seems happy at about 47mm from LE…at first felt like tail heavy but I think it was just me…! Later on the flight she flew like a charm! A little bit of nose heavy but this is good for a plane like that! Overall my set up is 70mm EDF 70a esc 3 servos 9gr 3000mah 4s battery and Flysky FSI6 Tx. Only one more thing is that you should definitely create cheater hole’s underneath the wing if you are going to use 70mm EDF!! I’m going to build one more but with a different approach than before! I’ve seen some mistakes that I’ve done and one step forward is better that turning back! 😉
    Aw the matter of fact AUW is close to 1.2 kg with 3000mah battery! EDF produces 1.5 kg so is more than 1:1 ratio! During flight with ony 50-60% you can cruse around without having any issues like a stall or something like that!! For my point of view she’s a winner and really loved it! I have also glue under the wing’s wooden pine of wood and attached some wheel’s on it for a better and safer landing for the belly…. The only thing is that I haven’t flown her yet with tip tanks on and can’t comment on that…..after weather gets better ( 38 degree’s outside) I’ll take her out for a ride to the clouds again and I’ll let you posted guy’s! 😉 One thing for sure….. build it right away!!

  2. Bastiaan de Jager

    I built this lovely model in 109%.
    I bought the 64 mm 3d printed parts and scaled them with 109% to fit a 70 mm EDF.
    The wingspan will be approx. 128 cm in this case including the tiptanks.
    No cheaterholes will be needed in this configuration.
    I used a QX 70 m fan with 4S 3000mah battery.
    It was a pleasure to built this model.
    The flying caracteristics are very good. It’s easy to handlaunch this model flying and landing is a pleasure aswell. It will not stall at lowspeed and the landingspeed is very low.
    The paintjob was done in the Dutch airforce colors.
    I like this model very much.
    Thanks Craig for this wonderfull design.

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