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Mirage 2000

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The Mirage 2000 was designed to accept  either a single pusher or single 64-70mm EDF.




Build Guide

Mirage 2000 Construction guide_2017.09.19

Power Options

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Single Pusher (3s)

64mm EDF (3s)

64mm EDF (4s)

70mm EDF (4s)



mirage 2000_GA_2023-02-02

Build log


2 reviews for Mirage 2000 plans

  1. Karel Lucan

    “Parameters and functions: span 701 mm, length 1100 mm, weight xxx g, function M, K, battery LiPo 3S1P 2200mAh, Rx FrSky D6FR, motor Turnigy 2826-6 2200kV, propeller GWS 7×4, servo 2x 9g, controller 40A

    The French machine Dassault Mirage 2000 is my next depron fighter, which I decided to build for the daunting winter evenings. Craig Clarkstone’s plans are downloadable. Construction goes well from the hand, just like with my two previous fighters. I used about three and a half foam sheets, that’s pretty good. However, the Mirage has a much reinforced interior to make the fuselage nearly round, so the material consumption is higher. During the gluing I did not encounter any problem, the sanding was a matter of two evenings and the lightweight filler I used only a symbolic amount. Since I was supposed to be fitted with a more powerful engine than Gripen, I wanted to make sure all parts were well glued and there were no dry spots without glue and everything fit perfectly. Unlike the plans, I made all the parts from the depron 6mm. At the leading edge of the wings, I used a balsa rail, and I made a valve for refueling in flight from plastic, instead of plywood, as well as engine bed. I placed the servo over the wing and taped its favourite LED tapes behind the curves to make it easier to navigate in flight.

    The maiden flight took place in cold weather. Immediately after the throw, Mirage began to drop a little, but it was enough to tap the elevator triple a few times and everything was fine. I did not have to trim the wings much. After a couple of introductory circuits, I drove at higher speeds to loops and curves as early as the first flight. Mirage is fairly stable, does not move anywhere, and is very skilled. Even in a small space and at a relatively high speed, it turns on the wing. Like all the other depron fighters I fly, it is also good for me to fly faster at speeds, giving it better stability. At the landing it is enough to turn off the engine and the plane paraded (below a slightly larger angle) sails from the sky down.

    Mirage flies on 2200mAh three-cell, after 5 minutes of flight the voltage is 11.4V, the ESC is barely noticeable lukewarm. The measured power is some 340W and 33A full throttle.”

    Original document :-  https://yeah09.webnode.cz/letadla/mirage-2000/?fbclid=IwAR2x9VjhVpUFDq_R8j27ZEitidxRaanTjwShie0fts8S08KaSDwBjZZkYBs

  2. barry fleming

    Mirage 2000 🙂

    took on this build due to the look and flying characteristics of the fantastic Delta wing.
    following the build guide was super easy, quick glance and your sticking foam together. I took the opportunity to use the 3D printed parts also, they help look scale in appearance and fit great, tail and other parts were printed with no infill and the nose has 5% infill.
    My power set up was
    70mm FMS
    4s 11 blade unit
    3000mAh 4s
    60 amp Predator ESC
    2x9g MG servo
    CG is Bang on with the plans too, although i have her sitting on the back end of the estimated range.
    one thing i did differently was to add the cheater holes on the side’s just in front of the fan rather than underneath (as per Plan) and added 5mm balsa leading edge to the wings.
    This is due to me building belly landers, flying in wet rainy Scotland and didn’t want to sook up too much water and dirt, as i mostly always come in hot LOL
    She is very agile in the air and rolls like a dart, i have turned my travel down to approx 11mm max throws and that is more than plenty. gliding she performs very good also which helps with landing her softly on her belly.
    Fantastic flyer, slow stable flight too and yes she is quick 🙂
    should you build one ??? YES and you’ll love it

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