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B2 Spirit

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TEST PILOT : Barry Fleming

Designed for twin 64 EDF with or without retracts.

Please note that the ‘Estimated CG position’ noted on the general arrangement drawing has been proven to be correct. (see SPEC tab) .  The drawing will be updated in due course.

If you wish to build this as a pusher, please get in touch as I am planning to make the pusher version in due course..  I just need a push….  😉

Suggest bungee or runway launch.

This is for plans only.  Once purchased you will receive a download link to a zipped file.  the PDF files will be within it.



Build Guide

B2 beta construction guide 1.0

Power options

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Twin Pusher (3-4s)

64mm EDF (3s)

64mm EDF (4s)



B-2_General Arrangement

Build log

1 review for B2 Spirit Plans

  1. Barry

    I took on this challenge in light of all the caution and scare stories I heard, researched and seen online…….. however none of this was found out to be true with this Jet when she took to the air on her maiden Test Flight.

    Great build log, simple and easy to follow, the longest time was allowing the glue to dry (UHU Por).
    Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of a runway where I fly so belly lander was decided for me. built with no retracts, when cutting out the belly template I amended my final cut lines to take into account she will have no wheels.
    Power set up on 2 x 64mm FMS 11 blade fans, both with 60amp ESC, 2x 3000mAh 4s matching batteries, each unit provides static 1100g thrust so 2 together………….. provides great fun and ample power at the touch of the controls.
    3 D printed parts helped speed things up a little and they printed, looked and fitted beautifully. installed ESC’s in front of fans as suggested in plans. worked great and helped with balance.
    8 x 9g MG servos in total and 1 Gyro. 2 mirrored servos working the gyro on Drag rudder’s, this is set open for flight. 2 left control surfaces operated with dedicated servo then both linked via Y cable and the same but mirrored for right side.
    Launched great off the bungee system i use. as soon as she was up leveled off on the power a little and she tracked superb. 2-3 clicks on up trim and she was level flying. CG is pretty much on the money at 258mm from LE. her wings never dropped during the flight and no trim was required, although I wasn’t under half throttle i still need to assess her stall speed.
    control surfaces had 30% expo on them and wow 🙂 dream to fly.

    As soon as you launch or take off you know if your plane will be a challenge to trim out and fly. as soon as this girl took to the air all those horror stories and videos disappeared. absolute blast in the air with great presence and cant wait to get her back up where she belongs and drop some little surprises from her bomb bay

    fantastic design by Craig

    Get it, build it, fly it, love it and do it some more 🙂

    Thanks, this has got to be my new favorite from all my favorites 🙂

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