F-18 E/F Super Hornet Plans

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F-18 EF Super Hornet

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Test Pilot : Arif Isyanto

Both Twin and Single canopy variants, this model has been designed to take either :-
>  Single 64-70mm  EDF
> Single pusher prop.

Can be made with or without 3d printed parts.

PLEASE NOTE :- Some of the 3d printed parts are shared with the Legacy Hornet.



Build Guide

F18 SuperHornet_construction guide v1.2_2020-02-27

Power Options






Build log

2 reviews for F-18 E/F Super Hornet Plans

  1. Arif Isyanto

    Its me as a test pilot that made the Super Hornet before the official release date of the plan. I build it at 100% scale, dual seater canopy, pusher single motor version, has elevon, aileron(flaperon), and rudder.

    Full specification on unpainted maiden flight :
    Motor 2826 (unknown kv, I rewind it myself, definitely higher than 2200kv)
    5x EMAX ES08MD servo
    gemfan 5049 3 blade propeller
    50A ESC Hobbywing Skywalker
    2800mah 3s battery (about 250 grams)
    total weight 849grams
    thrust about 1000gram++

    here is the maiden flight video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_eBo98dADo

    Before this, I already made MiG-29 (3 unit), F-16, Panavia Tornado, Rafale. and F-14. All of the plan is designed by Craig Clarkstone, founder of jetworks.online . The building process is relatively easy. Build guide book will help you complete the build. You just need time and patience.

    About the control surface,please be aware that this is full span aileron/flaperon, don’t put too much deflection or your jet will become super agile. Playing with flaps in this F-18 is tricky, because of the full span control surface. In my case, F-18 tends to roll right when I hit flaps switch due to differential deflection. Should not be a problem. I can fix it by give right flaps less than left flap. Only needs trial and error, also spare time. Total weight compare to the size of the jet, make this jet feels like a trainer. Zero throttle to full throttle didnt make the jet goes up or down. There are no disturbing bad tendencies. My maiden flight was good. Yes, it needs trim but not so much . I land the jet safely.

  2. Barry

    F-18 Super Hornet
    who doesn’t like the F-18, looks awesome and when i was flying her i couldnt get the ‘Top Gun’ (Danger Zone) song out my head

    The build process was very simple, with the guide to help you through the steps there was no issues at all.

    I chose the EDF 70mm build
    i had difficulties hand launching this girl with 1 successful throw out of 5 (not easy on your own) and when i bust her nose up i decided to cut her open and add the 3D printed intake and exhaust.
    Launched her Re-maiden on Bungee ramps. 🙂
    Don’t put too much deflection on control surfaces or your jet will be super agile and responsive.
    My full throttle range punch didn’t show any pitch tendencies. very smooth and tracks straight.
    My maiden flight was superb. Yes i even managed to throw in a crash, when she rolled in the air and i lost orientation and i cut the power…… she was balanced so well that she just floated down and landed with next to no damage.
    i have a little left trim on but it was a windy day and i was nervous.
    she came home in one piece and batteries on charge for tomorrow

    overall star this Jet and cant wait to get her back up in the air


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