A7 Corsair II Plans

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Test Pilot – Kostas Koutsionis

Designed for 64 / 70mm EDF and pusher

Can be built with our without 3D printed parts.



Build Guide

A-7 Corsair construction guide_2022-01-08

Power Options

Single Pusher (3s)

64mm EDF (4s)

70mm EDF (4s)



A-7D-general arrangement_2022-02-09

Build log

2 reviews for A7 Corsair II Plans

  1. Kostantinos

    Amazing design from Craig one more time! In my case set up is 70mm EDF 12blades with 70A ESC and 2200mah 4s battery! AUW is 1050 without paint job. I’ve setup mine with 2 servos of 9g for elevator and ailerons as well! You can install flap’s as well but this is not necessary due to the large wings and with this airfoil she can manage to float around with only 50-60% throttle! Craig has made an excellent job with the 3d part’s if you have the ability to print out some then do it… especially for the EDF version the cheater holes will give you the benefits of more air running through.

    CoG located between 10-15mm in front of the wing fence! (14-15 cm from LE) .. Craigs design allows up to quite a large battery of 3000mah 4s or more, and you will have the ability to fly more and scale!….

    Flight characteristics she performs excellent for a scale plane, you can perform loop or vertical flight very easily you will build confidence after some flights, ailerons should have big throws so you can have the control during turns…

    The correct position for the elevator should be level with the top side of 3d printed part of elevator mechanism or with the wooden parts!

    For building process try to use UHU POR for a light weight result, this plane comes along very easy and fast you definitely enjoy building her!

  2. Kostantinos

    At my latest review I have created a misunderstanding and i’d like to inform you guys that COG located at 14-15 cm from LE or 10 to 15 mm from wings fence for any tips or infos feel free to ask me and I’ll help you as I can!

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